The Coolest Indie Comic Characters Of The Last Decade

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Making her first appearance in 2016’s “Joyride,” Uma Akkolyte is reckless, headstrong and a whole bunch of fun. A bundle of un-harnessed teenage energy, Uma lives her life at a break-neck pace; always in motion, never stopping to look back. She’s the lovable cool-kid, a happy-go lucky girl who gets through life on a mixture of naivety and optimism. And man, is it infectious.

Uma isn’t as much the heart of “Joyride” as she is the neon-blood pumping through the story’s veins. She is an unstoppable dynamo and initiator of action. After all, she’s the girl with the guts to escape the oppressive earth, hijack an alien spaceship and steal a powerful alien artefact  — all just because she can! As well as her bold antics, Uma has a bright and colorful sense of fashion as well as a love for custom kicks. When it comes to being that ice-cold kind of cool, Uma really is the whole package.

13. 5COTTY

In the outlandish world of “D4ve,” — created by Ryan Ferrier and Ramon Valentin, and first published by IDW  back in 2015 — characters don’t get much more in-your-face and full of attitude than 5cotty. Set in post-human future where machines wiped out mankind, the robots that inhabit the world of “D4ve” are, ironically, just as full of personality as the humans they overthrew. D4ve’s foul-mouthed son 5cotty is certainly no exception.

So why is 5cotty so cool, you ask? Well, the answer is simple, he possesses the coolest trait of all; not caring about being cool. And, to be completely honest, he doesn’t really care about anything else either. 5cotty’s indifference and generally chilled out attitude — even in the face of danger — makes him one hip automaton. Throw in the fact he wears a backwards-cap, is constantly stoned and flips the bird like there is no tomorrow and you have yourself the quintessential cool-guy — or should that be cool-bot?

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