The Coolest Indie Comic Characters Of The Last Decade

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Stjepan Sejic’s 2014 Urban-Fantasy “Death Vigil” was full of memorable and likeable characters, but none were cooler than the gruff Sam Lewis. With pale white hair, a long leather jacket and muscular physique, Sam certainly looks the part of the grizzled bad-ass. And that’s before he starts using any of his sweet Vigil powers.

As a member of the titular “Death Vigil,” Sam is armed with a Veil Ripper — a magical weapon derived from an individual’s personality — which in his case is a pick-axe and shovel. Although not the most exciting of weapons, in Sam’s hands they become deadly and their use has earned him the nickname “The Digger.” If that hasn’t convinced you of Sam’s cool cred then consider this: he can also summon a band of zombie vikings to fight for him. Yep, you read that right. Zombie vikings. If that doesn’t convince you Sam is one bad-ass operator, we don’t know what will!


Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s 2015 Supernatural crime drama, “Black Magick,”gifted us with the undeniably cool Rowan Black. When it comes to cool cliches, Rowan ticks just about all of them. She is always clad in black, she sports a leather jacket and she rides a motorbike. Rowan also happens to be a capable and accomplished witch, as well as a Police officer in the Portsmouth PD.

From the minute Rowan pulls up to the crime scene on her motorbike in “Black Magick’s” opening pages, it is clear what she is about. She’s a confident and kick-ass women of action. Skilled in both magic and police work, Rowan is equal parts flawed and powerful. Among Greg Rucka’s roster of kick-ass female protagonists, Rowan Black stands out for her magic as well as her confidence. Oh, and she also shot a demon in the head. That’s got to count for something, right?

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