To Infinity 15 Overpowered Superheroes Who Became Cosmic Gods

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During Geoff John’s “Darkseid War” storyline in the pages of Justice League, the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid, two of the greatest forces of evil in the universe, went to war with each other. Such a battle had repercussions throughout the entire universe, and when Darkseid died, it created a vacuum of power left by the cosmic gods. His followers, the Parademons, instantly attacked Oa, home of the Green Lantern Corps.

There, they defeated every Green Lantern officer. With a Mother Box fused to the Central Power Battery, the Parademons began the search for a new God — the God of Light. Hal Jordan went inside and, for a brief moment, he became that very God, with the Mother Ring around his finger. However, Hal recognized that this was a power too great for him, and he ultimately refused it.


Doctor Doom may not technically be a superhero, but he tries to be, from time to time. Such a case presented itself when Doom attempted to save all of creation by stealing power from the Beyonders. With this power however, Doom didn’t exactly live up to the legacy of heroes: instead, he used it to create his own world where he reigned supreme as God Doom.

In this new world, Doom was master and emperor. His power knew no compare. He was the creator and the destructor, a true living god for this new alternate reality, a reality that became a battleground to save all of the Marvel Universe in the Secret Wars event series. In this story, Doom became all he had ever wanted to be: a cosmic god, who ruled over all.

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